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Ortho Surgeon w/ Spine Needed For W/C Cases in CA

Our client is a Utilization Management Company that specializes in the Workers’ Compensation industry. We are staffing a clinical reviewer panel of specialists to make peer decisions on Work Comp claims. The position is designed to provide supplemental income that won’t interfere with or compromise your current professional endeavors. The work can be done from any computer with a high-speed internet connection, whether that is at home, in the office between patients, or at a coffee house on the weekend. Our system provides you with a simple to understand and very structured review process which allows you to complete each case more efficiently than you would sifting through 6 inches of files!

Your role as a Clinical Peer Reviewer will be to:
– Review the documents from the requesting physician. These will have been summarized for you by an Initial Clinical Reviewer, but the full documents are also available.
– Review evidence based guidelines and/or scientific medical literature relating to the requested treatment. This information is gathered for you by the Initial Reviewer, but you have the opportunity to retain, amend, or replace them as you deem necessary.
– Review the draft of the determination of medical necessity that has been prepared by an Initial Reviewer. You will then determine if it is appropriate for the patient or make revisions as necessary, based on your clinical judgment.
– Often, we will ask you to conduct a peer-to-phone call to the requesting provider at your convenience. Typically, the purpose of these calls will be to relay information about the patient’s history that may not be included in the documentation or to clarify our process.
Some features of this position that I want you to be aware of:
– Your task will be to provide opinions regarding the medical necessity of the requested medical services only; we do not offer opinions on causation or other issues of compensability.
– The Portal, our software system, takes the hassle of reviewing medical files off your plate, so you can focus on the clinical decision making process.
– We also provides you with a user-friendly guidelines reference site, instead of asking you to dig through sources yourself.
– You set your hours, so it is your choice whether you would like to work in the morning, the evening, or both. There is no minimum time requirement.
– This position is very flexible. Most of our Clinical Peer Reviewers find that this work allows them the freedom to augment income through professional services that are essentially free of overhead, without any negative impact on their primary work.
– We provide paid training. If you decide after you’ve trained with us that this just isn’t for you, your time will not be wasted and you may benefit professionally from our encounter.
A few notes about the position:
– You must have a current, valid license in your medical profession and active board certification in your specialty.