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Sourcing, Placement and Supply Chain Manager

: Sourcing new products and alternative for current product offerings
: Build new relations with new vending sources and reps from these sources
: Ability to work with our GPO to view cost savings on current items
: Expand products offerings from existing contracts from targeting Members uses
: Analyze historical data from Members usages and ability to forecast
: Analyze new Members products list and convert to current codes in catalog
: Product management within the organization
: Negotiate new contracts with sourcing partners
: Ability to explore and create new programs for growth

Position Type: Full Time

Degree: College 2+ years with AA or AS Degree. Bachler degree or higher preferred.
Experience: a minimum of 4 years in the medical sales field administration and/or working within a purchasing department. Strong preference in office administration with experience in dealing with vending sources. Sales knowledge is preferred. Knowledge and experience with all word and excel functions. Strong ability to work independent as well as with a team. Problem solving with skills needed to be aggressive in negotiating contracts.

Scope of Work:
We are currently seeking experience and knowledge in the medical supply distribution field and a strong knowledge of purchasing medical supplies and goods.

This person would be in charge of all ordering and stock management for a group owned group purchasing organization for numerous physician practices and medical villages.

Will need the knowledge to be able to handle national purchasing accounts with current manufactures and network providers. Ability to review the current relations and to grow and expand product offerings from this group of network providers as well as renegotiations of contract pricing.

Will be responsible to take data from current history and forecast purchasing and keep stock levels at current min and max on hands for the entire group. Also to analyze this data to create new contracts based of forecast Qty’s.

We are aggressively going after new network providers as well as new products and alternatives for current product offerings. Needs to have the knowledge on how to create a new relation and contract with a new network partner and establish and account.

We have a competitive bidding program throughout the network providers. They will be in charge of this competitive bidding offering on a weekly basis to all who participate.

A continued review of new members and current members catalog products and research on similar products. The ability to identify trending items and like items from others in the organization. Also, responsible for reviewing all current pricing and finding cost savings from current network providers or newer sourcing.
Knowledge in alternative sourcing to add to main sourcing to cost average. This would require knowledge in the wholesale secondary market.

Working with our GPO partners to perform cost analysis of current items in our catalog to exploit new cost savings.

Finding new manufactures that are new to the marketplace to do conversions of current items that have higher cost pricing. This would include travel to various trade shows within and outside the US and the ability to travel to foreign countries.

Ability to analyze historical sales data for our Members and see usages, forecast, find new cost savings, and identify loss of business and gains from current Members.

Analyze potential new Members’ product lists and source these items to current items or identify new products to source from existing venders or new vending sources.
Exploring new programs to increase operations growth and member services and offerings.