We believe in open communication between Academy Physicians and Recruiting and our hiring clients because finding the perfect candidate means mutual success for both parties. Whether or not you are seeking a full time employee or are moving in the direction of hiring temporary employees, we welcome you to our academyOnce we present a candidate to you, we appreciate feedback within the next 48 hours so that we can proceed with the interview segment.  Once a candidate has completed an interview with anyone at your organization, we request your feedback on that candidate within the next 24 hours. Statistics show that if you let the resumes of qualified candidates sit too long without taking action, you risk losing them to other hiring managers. To insure success, open communication and feedback is incredibly important.

SIGN A SEARCH AGREEMENT: We are excited to work with you.  Since we are unable to confirm interviews between your company and our candidates until we have a mutually executed search agreement, we invite you to contact us now to review and sign an agreement with us. Terms and conditions will apply.

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